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      Pinguin Pillow cushion
      Pinguin Pillow cushion

      Pinguin Pillow cushion

      369 Kč

      305 Kč bez DPH

      410 KčSave 10 %

      Inflatable travel pillow Pinguin Pillow. Dimensions 37,5 x 27 x 8,5 cm, weight 85 g.

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      Název barvy : Grey

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      Inflatable travel pillow Pinguin Pillow

      Quality sleep when travelling plays a big part in whether you enjoy your trip or not. Everyone has experienced a sore neck due to a crumpled sweatshirt under their head. The Pinguin Pillow, which is smaller than a can of Coke, will solve this problem.

      The pillow is inflatable, has no inner filling and weighs only 85 grams even with the cover. You can also pack it in a caravan or in a pocket on your backpack, so it takes up almost no space.

      Pinguin Pillow

      It takes just 3 breaths to inflate it. And definitely try inflating it only 3/4,. Preferences vary, of course, but most users agree on not fully inflating the pillow.

      The inflation itself is very easy thanks to the DLF valve.

      DLF - double valve

      Dvojitý ventil DLF Pinguin

      Aflat double layer valve with a non-return flap provides easy inflation without air escaping when it closes. By pressing the valve, you can easily release the pressure.

      Technical parameters

      • Dimensions: 37.5 x 27 x 8.5 cm
      • Dimensions after packing: ⌀6 x 9 cm
      • Weight:85 g
      • Upper material: polyester stretch
      • Valve: DLF - Dual layer flat valve
      • Repair kit: Yes
      • Shipping Package: Yes



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