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  • 3F

    3F vision

    Each of the 3 "F's" represents a 3F Vision value: feeling, freedom and fun. 3F's goal is to make sunglasses that accompany you on the bike, on holiday, on trekking and in the mountains. In our e-shop, we offer sports sunglasses from the 3F Travel and 3F Sport ranges in a variety of colours, a wide range of lens tints and a UV filter that protects against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

  • Aku

    Logo Aku

    AKU is the brand of an Italian shoe factory that produces footwear for the mountains, hunting and leisure. The technical quality, functionality and reliability of every single model are guaranteed by more than 40 years of specific experience in the footwear sector, with full respect for the ancient and unrivalled Italian manufacturing tradition.

    Raw materials selected on the basis of the highest quality standards and special attention to environmental impact are at the heart of AKU's approach to design and production. Each model represents an absolutely perfect product that will become an indispensable companion on your adventures.

  • Altra

    Altra logo

    Altra is a brand of running and outdoor footwear from Colorado, USA. Although it is a relatively young brand (it was founded in 1998), it has already earned an excellent reputation among runners and long-distance trekkers.

    The hallmarks of Altra running shoes are the wide toe box and zero drop (heel and toe height are level), which ensure maximum comfort while allowing the foot to move naturally.

    In addition, they are highly breathable, durable and have quality soles with perfect properties for unpaved terrain and asphalt.

  • Asolo


    The Asolo brand focuses on the production of low trekking and leisure shoes and hiking boots for professionals and casual hikers. Asolo's goal is to offer comfortable footwear for year-round use at any altitude and on any terrain. Including shoes that are great for a combination of more difficult climbs and rock climbing, for example.

    The company's tradition dates back to the 1970s, so it's no wonder that thanks to constant innovation and the use of modern technology, it is one of the most popular and affordable footwear that meets the needs of the terrain - strong, stable, breathable, and impervious to water and cold. In the 1990s, the Asolo brand focused particularly on the perfect function of the shoe on the foot, and its efforts soon bore fruit. The FSN 95 won an award from American Outdoor Magazine and was named the best trekking shoe of the year.

  • Bridgedale


    You'll undoubtedly come across the Bridgedale brand when you start looking for quality functional socks for trekking, skiing, running, cycling, walking and other winter or summer sports and outdoor activities.

    The strength of the Bridgedale brand lies in its tradition and breadth of range. They currently produce over 500 types of socks in a combination of functional synthetic and natural fibres, offering the best of both materials. These socks are then breathable, dry quickly, stay in place but don't cut off circulation.

    The high quality of Bridgedale sports socks is monitored by rigorous tests and testers who walk up to 600 km per month while testing them. Most Bridgedale socks come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Climbing Technology

    Climbing Technology

    The Climbing Technology brand is a good friend of all climbers. It has been on the market for more than 25 years and is a trademark of Aludesign SpA. Its headquarters can be found between the Italian cities of Bergamo and Lecco, in an area with a long climbing tradition.

    As passionate climbers, the people behind Climbing Technology know well that quality climbing equipment must be simple, functional and safe. They have succeeded in meeting these conditions so perfectly that the AlpineUp and ClickUp belays won the Industry Award at the Outdoor 2009 in Friedrichshafen.

    The quality is guaranteed by the fact that they do not outsource the production and all development and production takes place in their own facilities in Italy. In addition to climbing equipment, Climbing Technology also produces equipment for working at height, sport climbing or for secured routes (via ferrata).

  • Doldy


    The first backpack was produced by the Czech company Doldy (then Marmor) in 1988. Today the range includes a variety of backpacks and rucksacks for everyday wear, summer, winter and outdoor sports and a range of accessories such as sports sleeves and wallets.

    At Doldy, they know that a backpack is only as good as its weakest link. That's why they make most of their backpacks from extremely durable Cordura. Back systems are constantly evolving and pushing the envelope, and so are such "little things" as buckles and zippers. These are bought from the world's best manufacturers known for the quality of their products - Duraflex and YKK.

  • Esbit

    Esbit logo


    Esbit made history with the invention of dry alcohol in 1936. This handy, waterproof-packaged, explosion-proof and non-smelly helper, which has retained its properties for many years, is now an essential part of the "last-resort package" of armed and humanitarian organisations around the world. In addition to passionate tourists, it is also used by NATO armies.

    Another legend sold under the Esbit brand is the pocket cooker. Today, ESBIT Gmbh produces a wide range of cooking and survival accessories for the outdoors: legendary pocket cookers, thermoses, cookware and titanium cutlery. All made of durable and safe materials for cooking even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • Fenix


    Fenixlight Ltd began designing and manufacturing high quality personal lighting products in 2001 and has evolved into an internationally recognised brand producing top quality flashlights, bike lights, headlamps, camping lamps and accessories.

    Today, the Fenix brand is trusted by even the most demanding professionals such as soldiers, first responders, law enforcement, industrial professionals and others who rely on Fenix to turn darkness into light.

    Since 2005, the company has become one of the largest and most trusted Fenix dealers in the US. It provides high quality personal lighting products and excellent customer service.

  • Fizan

    Fizan logo


    FIZAN comes from sunny Italy, where it was founded in 1947 by Mr. Fincati Domenco. Thanks to the advantage of experience and modern technology, today it is one of the best things you can indulge in as a professional or as a casual tourist. In addition, the range has grown over the years with the addition of another item, which is ski and cross-country ski poles.

    Fizan poles also boast the world's lightest poles. This includes the Fizan Compact, where one trekking pole weighs just 158 grams.

    Choose from a range of Nordic walking poles and trekking poles for off-road and mountain climbing. The poles are adjustable up to a height of 140 cm and have been load tested to over 100 kg, making them ideal for tall athletes or those who would like to shed some pounds.

  • Fuchs Technik

    Logo Fuchs Technik

    Fuchs Technik

    The Italian company Fuchs Technik is famous for its shoe dryers that use a very gentle drying method - heat and air flow at the same time. This guarantees fast and safe drying of ski boots, boots and leather boots. Simply place them on the spikes, which fold under the weight of the boots and switch on the drying process. This results in lower energy consumption, as all the spikes of the rack do not have to be in operation at the same time.

    The Fuchs Technik brand supplies dryers not only for offices and homes, but also for hotels and mountain huts. The Fuchs Home 3 and 5 dryers can be used to create an entire heating wall, where the energy savings are more than noticeable.

  • Granger's

    Grangers logo


    Who better to know how to protect you and your gear from the wet and rain than a UK waterproofing manufacturer. As well as being tested by real British weather, Granger's waterproofing products meet the Bluesign® standard. They are therefore as skin and environmentally friendly as possible, and their manufacture is also environmentally friendly.

    In addition to the classic impregnations for softshell jackets, down jackets and sleeping bags, tents and footwear, and gore-tex membranes, Granger's also offers an impregnation for merino wool garments or the smart Granger's 2 in 1 wash, which serves as a detergent and impregnates at the same time.

  • Grivel

    Logo Grivel


    Grivel crampons and ice axes are among the best mountaineering equipment available at the foot of Mont Blanc, where the Grivel story began, and on the world market. Grivel has been manufacturing climbing equipment since 1818, and although the work of the sturdy blacksmiths has now been replaced by machines, the emphasis on quality and careful workmanship has not diminished.

    Grivel is a traditional brand credited with shaping today's crampons and ice axes and continues to push the boundaries today. It is relied upon by mountaineers and ski mountaineering enthusiasts and has been present at the conquest of three famous eight-thousanders - Mount Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga.

    Grivel also offers equipment for another popular mountain sport - trail running. Grivel strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible - producing locally, using renewable resources and recycled materials as much as possible, for example, all of its electricity has been generated from solar energy since 2010.


     Logo iQSPORT

    Our own product range.

  • KV+



    The KV+ brand belongs to KV2, which was founded in 1998. The company has a vision to offer the best that can be produced. Currently, the company focuses on the production of Nordic Walking poles and hiking poles. In the few years of operation, KV+ products are present in 14 countries and have been tested in World Cup competitions and Olympic Games.

    The company is headquartered in the Blenio Valley, which is located in the south of Switzerland in Ticino. The nearby mountains help to find the right inspiration and conditions for testing.

  • Lowe Alpine

    Lowe Alpine logo

    Lowe Alpine

    In 1967, outdoor enthusiasts lacked sufficient quality equipment. One of them, Jeff Lowe, decided to change that and set out to make backpacks that would meet the exact needs of hikers and be durable at the same time.

    The quality is guaranteed by the precision workmanship you'll notice in every seam - multiple stitching, double bottomed packs, extremely stressed parts of the pack secured with special stitching. Both the fabrics used and the complete backpacks are tested for water resistance, abrasion resistance, colour fastness and load.

    Even the details of the backpack, such as the buckles, do not escape the tests. The straps of Lowe Alpine backpacks are filled with special foam that promotes a comfortable fit, reducing the level of abrasion and the pain of carrying even a really heavy pack.

  • MSR

    MSR logo


    The MSR brand is under the American family-owned company Cascade Design, which has made it its mission to perfectly outfit its customers for the outdoors. Under the MSR brand you can buy mainly cookers and tents. Cascade Design's other brand is Thermarest, which specialises in sleeping systems and a wide range of comfortable mattresses for sleeping in both normal and more challenging conditions.

    Cascade Design has a great advantage in its employees - young people with a passion for the outdoors who invent new and new processes, cuts and innovations to increase the comfort, functionality and safety of their products. In all this, they still remain environmentally friendly and you won't find any harmful substances such as phthalates in their products.

  • Nortec


    Austrian company Nortec is based right at the foot of the Alps in Villach, but its roots go back to Italy. It was in the province of Trevisana that Enrico Granzotto began manufacturing the first slip-resistant products for snow and ice in 1979. The established Turtles brand was taken over by Nortec in 2002, making it the European leader in quick-release non-marking shoes for trail running and hiking.

  • Ocún

    Ocún logo


    Only the best ideas will bring the best climbing. And the Czech brand Ocún has a full range of them. This story is proof that even a small workshop can grow into a company that earns the respect of climbers all over the world within 20 years. The roots of the brand go back to the sandstone towers of the Bohemian Paradise, where its name comes from.

    The company entered the market in 1998 with a collection of harnesses and an unusual invention at the time - the bouldering mat, which is now a good friend of every boulderer. Three years later, Ocún came up with a unique design of paired gloves and was the first in the world to start mass production.

    With each collection, they strive to push their products one step further and in 2010 they take home the award for the FTS damping system at the ISPO in Munich. In 2014, Ocún merged with sister brand Rock Pillar.

  • Petzl

    Petzl logo


    It all started with a passion for caves. Ferdinand Petzl loved caves. And he was able to put his experience of moving along rock walls underground to use, first as a manufacturer of caving equipment for himself and his friends and later in his own company Petzl.

    Since its founding in the 1930s, Petzl has quickly become a leading manufacturer of equipment for climbing and working at height. And no wonder. In addition to replacing rope ladders with durable ropes, Ferdinand Petzl is credited with inventing the first blocker, rappelling brake and even the headlamp.

    Petzl retains his status as a pioneer and innovator to this day. In fact, the constant development, testing and marketing of equipment that makes it easier to move at heights or increases safety is Petzl's daily bread.

  • Pinguin

    Pinguin logo     


    The Czech brand Pinguin was founded in 1989 and immediately focused on shortage goods - sleeping bags and jackets. Within a year of its existence, it expanded its product range to include lightweight double-walled tents, which were in demand among hikers and mountaineers.

    The brand name is synonymous with the resilience of a plant growing wild on the slopes of the South American Andes, in the rocky and inhospitable environment of strong wind, frost and snow - Bromelia Pinguin.

    Today, the Pinguin brand is mainly known as a specialist in sleeping bags, functional jackets and tents, although its range is much wider. The years of experience show, and if you've grown to love the brand when you buy one of its products, you certainly won't go wrong with another.

    Today, the sought-after Pinguin tents can provide comfortable comfort in the extreme conditions of alpine expeditions and family camping holidays. The growing range of A.C.D. waterproof membrane jackets is also popular.

    Another successful step is the Pinguin backpacks for 2020, which come with a 12-year warranty.

  • Rab

    Rab logo


    The RAB story began in 1981 in the attic of a small terraced house in Sheffield, where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. In sewing his first product, he capitalised on years spent moving around in the mountains and was finally able to turn ideas for improving commonly used equipment into reality.

    Satisfied feedback on the sleeping bags spread quickly and RAB slowly transformed from a loft factory that made sleeping bags for a small circle of friends into a brand sought after by climbers and adventurers far and wide. RAB's status as a pioneer continues today. It designs its products to withstand the elements and serve well on multi-day treks and in the extreme conditions of the Himalayan peaks. Maximum functionality, reliability and minimum weight are the basis of every RAB product, whether it is a sleeping bag, jacket or tent.

    In addition to gloves, the Rab brand also offers a range of clothing, tents and sleeping bags. If you are interested in a RAB product that we don't have in our e-shop, please contact us and we will let you know the availability and price immediately. We order approximately every 2-3 weeks.

  • Singing Rock

    Singing Rock logo

    Singing Rock

    With Singing Rock, you can always be sure you're holding products you can trust with your life. After all, they're developed and tested by employees and world-renowned professional climbers.

    Singing Rock manufactures equipment for climbers, rescuers and workers at height. It was founded in 1992 by two Czech climbers and a Belgian business partner. Today it is one of the most popular manufacturers on the Czech market, but its products can be found all over the world.

    Singing Rock's best-selling products include backpacks, ropes, carabiners, belays, harnesses and bouldering gear (magnesium and joint reinforcement tape).

  • Source

    Source logo


    Source is an Israeli company that has been supplying hikers and athletes around the world with quality sandals, camel bags and other sports and travel equipment since 1989. Under the Source Gear Tactical brand, it supplies hydration systems, backpacks, sandals and other gear to the Israeli army.

    Source's hydration packs are especially sought after due to its patented Taste free and Grunge guard technologies, which keep the water in the bag from acquiring an artificial aftertaste for up to several weeks and prevent mold, fungus and bacteria from forming. Source emphasizes maximum quality, functionality and practical use. In addition, it donates part of its profits each year to social activities and contributes to environmental protection.

  • Spenco

    Spenco logo


    Spenco Medical Corporation was founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, a visionary foot care specialist. Since its inception, Spenco has been developing and manufacturing innovative products that improve the health and well-being of users.

    Among the many products Spenco has developed were the first sports medical insoles for Nike®. Spenco develops and manufactures shoe inserts for all types of use and can help you with every conceivable foot problem.

  • Start

    Start logo


    The Start brand is a manufacturer of top quality Finnish poles not only for Nordic Walking. It uses premium materials such as HS Carbon and high quality fiberglass compounds. This makes the poles lightweight, high quality and durable. In our offer you will find telescopic poles Start, Nordic Walking poles for beginners and experienced athletes. We will be happy to help you with your selection. 

  • Warmpeace



    The Czech company Warmpeace started in 1986 like most enthusiasts - at home on their knees. At first it was just down jackets and sleeping bags bringing that "comfort in warmth" that later became the brand name, but gradually the range was inevitably expanded. In 1994, Warmpeace acquired the Gore licence and began sewing with Gore-Tex and Windstopper materials.

    Today you can find the Warmpeace brand virtually all over the world and in a much wider range of products - down sleeping bags, jackets, trousers, functional shirts, sweatshirts, gloves and other equipment.

    Its popularity, gained at a time when there was virtually no choice in the outdoor clothing market, has also been reinforced by its excellent price/performance ratio.

  • Yate

    Yate logo


    The original Czech company, which offers inflatable mattresses, car mattresses, aluminium mattresses, self-inflating car mattresses, trekking poles, bivouac bags and other hiking equipment.