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The origins of iQSPORT go back to 1993, when Karel Krut'a started his business in the wholesale business and distributed the brands Pinguin, Sherpa, Trimm, Hannah, Berkner and some others. 

In 2005, Karel was joined by his brother Lukáš and they created the retail website iQSPORT.cz, as one of the first e-shops in the Czech Republic focusing on sports and outdoor equipment.

Web iQSPORT 01

"In contrast to the cheap and low-quality goods that flooded the shops in the 1990s, we have always preferred a quality range. Whether it was tents or climbing equipment, quality has always been our first priority. If a brand shows defects or functional problems, we will discard it without mercy."

At the beginning of 2007 we opened our first warehouse store in Holešov. We operated on Grohova Street until 2012. Unfortunately, we have not preserved any nice photos...

Prodejna iQSPORT na ulici Grohova Prodejna iQSPORT na ulici Grohova

iQSPORT shop on Grohova Street, Holesov (2007 - 2012)

The increase in orders led us to establish a limited liability company, and so on 29 September 2008 the brothers founded IQsport s.r.o.

We started 2009 by launching the third generation of the website, despite the global economic crisis. However, our vision of sustainable business development led us to purchase a building for the business. We bought an old house, which we started to renovate from our own resources.

Much worse times came in 2012. After a short illness, Karel died at the age of only 39. This tragedy and Karel's irreplaceable position led to a rapid sequence of events.

Lukas ceased his wholesale activities and settled his brother's liabilities to the general satisfaction of customers and suppliers. He completes the renovation of the building and moves the shop to Dukelská 47. Although the premises are half the size, they turn out to be suitable for the needs of a small outdoor shop, and the company still operates there today.

Prodejna iQSPORT Holešov Prodejna iQSPORT Holešov

iQSPORT shop on Dukelská Street, Holešov (2012 - present)

In the following years, the e-shop underwent fundamental changes, when we switched from the development of a "tailor-made" e-shop to an open source solution, which, together with the rapid development of mobile technologies, later proved to be more effective.


In 2017, we were hit by another unpleasant fact, namely the total reconstruction of 6. května Street. It is the only access street to our shop. Its closure began on 10 March and the repair lasted until 20 December 2017, i.e. almost a year.

Uzavírka ulice 6. května

In 2018 we started cooperation with Kostka kolobka. Mutual interest led us to establish a scooter rental in Holešov, which operated from May 2018 until 2020.

Půjčovna koloběžek iQSPORT

In May 2019 Lukáš successfully completed the Nordic Walking instructor course with accreditation from the Ministry of Education and Science. The same goes for Dáša Gregorová, with whom we started to organize Nordic Walking courses.

Kurzy Nordic Walking iQSPORT

In August 2019, we are launching the fifth generation of the iQSPORT e-shop. It is actually a gift for the 14th birthday of the company.


In 2020, a communist virus from China began to sweep the world. Minimal interest in the scooter rental business led us to close it down. In the spirit of the times, we are taking a more personalised approach both in the shop and on our Nordic Walking courses.

In March 2023, we launched our sixth generation e-shop, this time with an expansion plan - the website is duplicated in English and we are starting to sell more abroad.

Lukas Kruta

founder of iQSPORT