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Warmpeace down sleeping bags with 10 year guarantee

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From 1 May 2024, we offer a ten-year guarantee on Warmpeace down sleeping bags

First and foremost - this is not a change in the design features of Warmpeace sleeping bags, but a significant improvement in customer service.

The Czech manufacturer decided to take this step after almost forty years of developing and selling sleeping bags. During this time, only a negligible minimum of units with any problem have been returned to them for repair or warranty.

The introduction of this guarantee is therefore the result of a job well done and, of course, an increase in the reputation of the Warmpeace brand.

Warmpeace Guarantee

How the guarantee works

The whole thing works in such a way that after the expiry of the legal two-year warranty period, during which customers can turn to our company IQsport s.r.o. (the seller) in case of a complaint, the company Pavel Habětín s.r.o. (the manufacturer) guarantees another eight years during which the user can turn to them.

To do this, you need proof of purchase, but if you do not want to take care of the account for ten years in case of a claim, you can enroll in the guarantee register at any time online on the manufacturer's website. Also here you will find the full text of the guarantee conditions that are already in force. 

Check out Warmpeace down sleeping bags with a 10 year warranty.

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