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Test Nordic Walking poles KV+ Prestige Clip 100% Carbon

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The poles are my weakness. I'm constantly trying to find the perfect poles and although I haven't discovered them yet, these are very, very close. I use the poles for a living as a Nordic Walking instructor, and have also been selling and servicing them since 2005. I'm constantly trying out different brands of poles and exchanging experiences with other similarly-abled people in the industry (read instructors). In short, I enjoy poles and I was really looking forward to writing this article. 

This review is the result of more than three years of using KV+ Prestige Clip poles. Moreover, I have tried both two generations of this model.

KV+ poles

KV+ Prestige Clip - first generation



Let's start with the individual parts of the poles. Quite comfortable Prestige handcuffs have a reinforcement between the index finger and thumb in the form of synthetic leather - leatherette. This is where the energy and weight of the body is transferred to the pole, so it is a critical place. They have solved it brilliantly, everything fits as it should and even during a long walk nothing bothers. The handcuffs are breathable enough, with sufficient sweat wicking.

Still, when it comes to comfort, I prefer the higher range of gloves, the Evolution model, which are more robust overall. You can buy these separately, and it's also the only way to get to the smallest XS size if you have a really small palm (size 6-7).

Handles and handcuffs clip system

KV+ Fast clip

Fast Clip system


The handcuffs can be removed from the poles. Sticks that do not allow this are not offered at iQSPORT and for safety reasons I do not recommend them to you.

At the beginning of 2023, the KV+ Prestige Clip changed its glove clipping system. From the original pull-push latch system, the system has changed to a one-way push button. These new grips are called Fast Clip. Everything new takes some getting used to, but I still rate the change positively. The clamping system is faster and it has also made the poles lighter.

I have encountered the complaint that the handcuff does not click into the pole smoothly. I have a comment on this - respect the laws of physics! When the hole faces diagonally upwards, slide the handfuff into the handle diagonally upwards, not perpendicularly.

The clip system works precisely. You don't need a second hand to take off the handcuff. Just push with your thumb and the handcuff will slide out on its own.

As a minus, I perceive that on a hard surface (asphalt) the sticks slightly rattles. It's not as bad as with some Fizan poles, where the system is similar but quite noisy, yet it may bother some people.

The shape of the handle is unchanged - the handle is slightly oval and is the tried and tested combination of plastic and cork. The cork is really good quality and doesn't crumble even after long time usage.

Poles body

How else than 100% carbon of top quality. The balance between flexibility, strength and shock absorption is (for me) very comfortable. The shaft does not vibrate unnecessarily even at 125 cm (when running), in short - it is a demonstration of Swiss quality.

The poles have a diameter of 10 mm at the bottom and the swing* of the poles is very good. (*the movement from sticking to returning to the palm) 

The graphic design of the body is of course a matter of preference. I like the atypical processing of the bottom of the stick, which reflects the light in an interesting way. Although it is not downright reflective, the visual effect is nice. Unfortunately I can't take a picture of it...

However, if you're a fan of colour matching everything, the current grey-black base with subtle blue elements and white lettering can be combined with almost any clothes and shoes.

Until 2022, the design was blue-green. If I hadn't broken this first version (in the grid) I would have no reason to get new ones.

KV+ nordic walking

KV+ Prestige Clip - second generation

Spikes and booties

Prestige Clip have tips with the marking 1P306. They are steel tips with a bevel. They resemble claws, and their snap is exemplary. They hold well on rocky asphalt or big rocks in the Tatras. Even with this use, they wear minimally. Of course, you can replace them.

kv+ hrot

The tip handle is longer and is threaded. This is used to fit snow plates, which are suitable for deep snow. If you like to snowshoe, definitely don't leave these poles lying home!

kv+ sněhový talířek

Rubber booties cannot be compared to the competition. They have a medium-long contact area, are medium stiff and their price is also somewhere in the middle. The workmanship is therefore balanced and they hold up well on both dry and wet ground.

kv+ gumová botička

Comparison of top models

I am "addicted" to Finnish Start Spirit poles, which are a comparable top product. So it is easy to compare KV+ Prestige and Start Spirit.

I have hundreds of miles on both models and have tried multiple model years of both models.

Start Spirit are excellent Nordic walking poles and I still love using them. They have the advantage that their body is thinned to 8 mm at the bottom, which gives them unmatched swing. Runners and very fast walkers in particular will benefit from this - as the stick returns to the hand in an absolutely exemplary manner. However, this difference will be recognized by a person who uses the clubs on a daily basis and really deals with the details of this type. For a person who is choosing his first clubs, this information is only of theoretical value.

KV+ Prestige Clip, on the other hand, is 30 grams lighter. And believe me, you can tell the difference! Weight matters, it is an important value and of course the lighter the poles are, the easier they are to handle.

Weight comparison - For comparison, I always weigh one 115 cm long stick, without the boot and with a medium size glove - the way we use them the most. The weights of one piece are:

  • KV+ Prestige: 116 grams
  • Start Spirit: 146 grams

KV+ Prestige - druhá generace

High Tatras in Slovakia



Nordic Waling KV+ Prestige Clip poles are love at second sight for me :) They will be used by anyone who is serious about Nordic Walking and doesn't want to compromise. It's definitely a must-have option for taller people too, because the longer the stick is, the more it vibrates and these vibrations negatively affect the muscles. Overall, I can only recommend them.

You could say that I'm trying to find the perfect clubs and although I haven't quite managed it yet, these are very, very close. I firmly believe that in time I will discover other clubs that will encourage others to make a good choice or change.


Lukáš Kruťa

Instructor Nordic Walking w acreditation

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