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      KV+ Prestige Clip
      KV+ Prestige Clip
      KV+ Prestige Clip
      KV+ Prestige Clip
      KV+ Prestige Clip
      KV+ Prestige Clip

      KV+ Prestige Clip

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      Top quality Nordic Walking poles, model 2022. The highest class of poles. Made of 100% carbon. One stick weighs 126 g*. Suitable for instructors and keen walkers.

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      Nordic Walking Pole KV+ Prestige Clip

      Top quality Nordic Walking poles. Made in Switzerland. Prestige Clip are made of 100% carbon. Excellent shock absorption and suitable for tall people or overweight people.

      Theweight of one stick with a length of 115 cm with a loop and without a rubber boot is 126 grams. It is the lightest stick in our offer.

      The Elite's cork handle is comfortable in the hand and the loop clamping system is also hassle-free. KV+'s Exclusive handcuffs (gloves) have nice leather padding between the thumb and index finger and a very long Velcro closure. The fit is perfect. You can choose from sizes S and M/L and XL.

      The hardened steel tip is designed for the specific needs of Nordic Walking. Also included are summer boots for use on hard surfaces. Price is per pair of poles.

      How to choose the right length of Nordic Walking poles?

      You can choosethe length of the poles from 110 to 130 cm, in 5 cm increments. There is a general calculation to determine the appropriate length of the poles. We know from our own experience that it often unfortunately does not work.

      We will be happy to help you choose the right length, the right type of sticks and the right loop, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone or at our Nordic Walking courses that we organize.

      Nordic Walking Pole Service

      We can replace all parts of the poles such as tips, handles or gloves with new ones.


      You can use winter walking sticks with this model KV+ Disc Winter.

      Price is for a pair of sticks (two pieces).



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