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      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm
      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm

      Warmpeace sleeping bag SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm

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      Three-season down sleeping bag Warmpeace Solitaire 500 for up to 180 cm. Goose down, siliconized cover. Insulation limit to -9 °C.

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      Warmpeace SOLITAIRE 500 180 cm

      Down sleeping bag for spring to autumn. The down comforter weighs 940 grams without the cover, uses 500 grams of goose down for insulation and reliably insulates down to -9 °C.


      This sleeping bag is often compared to the Warmpeace Viking 600. Compared to the Viking, the Solitaire has goose down that is white, has more loft and longer life. The hood has a closed shape and the compression sleeve is water repellent. It is smaller when packed and is also lighter. This is a popular sleeping bag for outdoor enthusiasts. It provides excellent performance.


      Thegoose down is 90/10 quality and is housed in "Z" chambers with 750 cuin fill. The filling and assembly of the sleeping bag is done in Germany under strict standards. The whole sleeping bag is made of Colibri DWR 15D. This lightweight and extremely strong material can repel water up to 1,320 mm water column. It works well with down fill and allows for maximum loft.

      Thedown fill can absorb 150 grams of water. The entire sleeping bag allows a RET of 4.5 m2 Pa/W-1.

      Konstrukce spacáku Warmpeace

      Thezipper of the sleeping bag is branded Japanese YKK and is backed by a full length flap with a stiff flap so the zipper does not snag. The slider pull is reversible and allows fastening from both the inside and outside of the sleeping bag. The zipper is also reversible, so in addition to the traditional unzipping, you can also unzip it from the feet up to possibly vent overheated leg room.

      Which sleeping bag to choose?

      It's up to you whether you choose a left-hand or right-hand zip. We recommend right-handed people zip up on the left and left-handed people zip up on the right, but this is not a rule. If you're travelling as a couple, keep in mind that you can pair two sleeping bags with opposite zippers together. Even if they are different lengths, just allow for the longer one to overhang the top.

      In the Solitaire sleeping bag range, you can also connect different models together. For example, Solitaire 500 180 cm Left zip + Solitaire 1000 195 cm Right zip.

      The Warmpeace Solitaire 500 is 80 cm wide at the shoulders and 50 cm wide at the feet. If the sleeping bag is too narrow for you, you can reach for the insertion wedge. Warmpeace Extender 180.

      Thehood is raised at the sides and the opening is shaped like an "O". It has an elasticated drawstring and can be comfortably pulled down around the face. As well as a drawstring collar around the shoulders. The drawstring collar and hood together prevent unwanted heat leaks. Inside the sleeping bag is a zippered pocket for small items such as glasses, headlamp or cell phone.

      Warmpeace Solitaire 500

      Thermal insulation capabilities of the Solitaire 500 sleeping bag

      • Comfort -2 °C
      • Limit -9 °C
      • Extreme -27 °C

      These temperatures are the result of standardised laboratory tests and are far from the most important factor when choosing a sleeping bag. In fact, only the limit temperature is of interest and can be used as a guide when comparing the drying capabilities of sleeping bags of the same class and age.

      If you don't know how to choose, don't hesitate and write to us. We will be happy to help you with your choice.

      Storage and maintenance of a down sleeping bag

      TheWarmpeace Solitaire 500 sleeping bag comes with two covers: a storage and a compression cover. When not in use, store the sleeping bag in the spacious storage pack. The down filling will be in its natural fluffy state and will extend the life of the sleeping bag.

      The size Mcompression sleeve has the volume of a 6-litre bottle and takes up Ø 19 × 30 cm. It has a silicone finish to resist moisture and features compression straps so you can compress it even further.

      You canwash the sleeping bag yourself in an automatic washing machine. Wash it at 30 °C, use the wool programme and special liquid detergents that are not aggressive to the down, do not disturb its structure, wash out well when soaking and do not crystallise in the fine folds of the filling. Never clean chemically. After washing, spin properly.

      Dry the sleeping bag in a tumble drier with warm air up to 30 °C or horizontally, shaking it occasionally and thoroughly. Allow several days for the sleeping bag to dry. Detailed instructions can be found on the label inside the sleeping bag.

      Spacák Warmpeace Solitaire 500

      If you suffer from cold feet, you can reach for the Solitaire 500 Extra Feet option, which contains 30% more goose down in the lower five chambers.



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