Singing Rock Sir
      Singing Rock Sir
      Singing Rock Sir
      Singing Rock Sir
      Singing Rock Sir
      Singing Rock Sir

      Singing Rock Sir

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      Robust multi-purpose rappelling and adjusting device Singing Rock Sir / antipanic / 365 g

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      Singing Rock Sir

      Robust multi-purpose rappelling and setting device with "anti-panic" system
      for use in industrial climbing

      • robust and durable body
      • for use for rope access or rescue in industrial climbing
      • Pulling the handle gradually releases the thumb swivel and causes the rope to slip
      • by pulling the handle to the outermost position, the "anti-panic" system is activated and the rope is locked
      • simple and intuitive rope setting (pictograms on the brake body)
      • simple design allows easy control of the device
      • the metal lever is tested under industrial conditions for a load of 225 kg
      • complies with EN 341-A (rappelling - rescue) - tested for SR Static R44 11.0 rope
      • complies with EN 12841 (rope access)

      • EN 12841-C: max. load 225 kg, with 10-12 mm static rope
      • EN 341-A: load range 30-180 kg (max. descent length 190 m),
        with 11 mm static rope SINGING ROCK STATIC R44 11.0

      Technical parameters

      Material: Mechanism - stainless steel, lever - coated steel, body - duralloy
      Weight: 365 g
      Colour: Black body, yellow lever
      Brand: Singing Rock
      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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