Singing Rock Contra 10.5 metrage
      Singing Rock Contra 10.5 metrage

      Singing Rock Contra 10.5 metrage

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      Static rope Singing Rock Contra 10.5. Weight 69 g/m, strength 30 kN, elongation 2%.

      Select rope length

      From 30 m we can make any length of rope. Put the number of metres in the basket as the number of pieces. Of course we will send the rope in one piece.

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      Singing Rock Contra 10.5 metrage

      Static (working) rope type A - designed for rescue of injured people, manipulation of objects and work at heights and above free depth.

      Meets the demanding requirements of rescuers, firefighters, height specialists and all other professionals.

      Ultrasonic rope end termination.

      Singing Rock rope parameters

      Weight: 69 g/m
      Colour: White
      Brand: Singing Rock
      Length: 30 m
      Number of falls: 20
      Diameter: 10.5 mm
      Static extension: 2 %
      Strength: 30 kN tensile (18 kN knot strength)


      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic
      Rope diameter
      Number of falls
      Static transit

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