Singing Rock Treemouse 350 g
      Singing Rock Treemouse 350 g

      Singing Rock Treemouse 350 g

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      Arborist throw bag Singing Rock Treemouse for securing the ascent to the tree crown / weight 350 g

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      Singing Rock Treemouse 350 g

      Arborist's throw bag for securing ascent to the treetop

      • made of highly durable synthetic fabric
      • fitted with 3 cm diameter welded steel mesh
      • textile loop at the other end for connecting two throwing bags together


      • installation of the exit rope in the tree crown
      • installation of the anchor point with the JINGLE II loop in the tree crown
      • dropping smaller branches from the tree crown
      • installing the working rope in hard to reach places
      • wide use in the installation of auxiliary ropes during rescue

      Technical parameters

      Material: PES, steel, polyamide
      Weight: 350 g
      Colour: Yellow+blue
      Brand: Singing Rock


      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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