Singing Rock Lift right
      Singing Rock Lift right
      Singing Rock Lift right
      Singing Rock Lift right
      Singing Rock Lift right

      Singing Rock Lift right

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      Manual blocker for safe and smooth ascent on the rope / for right hand / 190 g.

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      Singing Rock Lift right

      Hand-held blocker for safe and comfortable rope ascent. The spacious handle and large attachment eye, which fits two standard carabiners, will satisfy everyone from bigwall climbers to high-altitude climbers to special forces.

      • The toothed segment is made of stainless steel, has high corrosion resistance and locks even on icy or dirty ropes
      • top connection eye for locking carabiner
      • locking clip with plastic beak for short descent
      • ergonomic shape of the blocker for comfortable second-hand grip
      • large connecting eye can accommodate two standard carabiners; large enough to pass the lock's safety pin
      • ergonomically shaped handle made of durable injection moulded plastic is spacious enough for a gloved hand
      • available in two versions - for right and left hand
      • materials: body - duralumin, blocker - stainless steel, handle - plastic

      For use with ropes with a diameter of 8 - 13 mm:

      • according to EN 12841 type B ......... with static rope Ø 10 - 13 mm
      • according to EN 567..................... with rope Ø 8 - 13 mm


      Singing Rock

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      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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