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      Doldy Light short hiking boots
      Doldy Light short hiking boots

      Doldy Light short hiking boots

      355 Kč

      294 Kč bez DPH

      374 KčSave 5 %

      Short sleeves without opening. Suitable for hiking, walrus grass and cross-country skiing. Made in the Czech Republic.

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      Doldy Light Short Low Gaiters

      Short and lightweight shoe covers. They are without zipper. Made of silon (polyester, polyamide). They take up about as much space in your backpack as socks. Made in the Czech Republic.

      • Under the shoe there is a strong strap.
      • Thecovers are tightened at the top with an elastic cord.
      • At the bottom there is a plastic hook for catching the laces.
      • The length of the boot is 28 cm.
      • Weight 95 g.
      • Price for one pair.



      Data sheet

      2 years

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