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      Doldy Hiking Light Covers
      Doldy Hiking Light Covers

      Doldy Hiking Light Covers

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      Lightweight covers without zipper. Suitable for hiking, walrus grass, snow and cross-country skiing. Made in the Czech Republic.

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      Doldy Light hiking boots

      Lightweight shoe covers. No unzipping. Made of silon (polyester, polyamide) by Doldy in the Czech Republic.

      • Under the shoe there is a fixed strap.
      • Thecovers are tightened at the top with an elastic cord.
      • In the middle there is a tightening elastic band that encircles the calf above the shoe.
      • At the bottom there is a plastic hook to catch the laces.
      • The length of the cover is 40 cm.
      • Weight 120 g.
      • Price for one pair.



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      2 years

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