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      Pinguin Wave XL
      Pinguin Wave XL
      Pinguin Wave XL

      Pinguin Wave XL

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      1,398 Kč bez DPH

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      Pinguin Wave XL double layer inflatable car mattress with dimensions 195 x 70 x 9 cm. Weight 1150 g. Without thermal insulation.

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      Název barvy : Green

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      Inflatable car mattress Pinguin Wave XL

      The Wave XL is made up of two separate air chambers, a bottom and a top. This allows you to regulate the pressure in each chamber separately.

      A common argument against purely inflatable mattresses is that when they get damaged and deflate, the user sleeps on the ground. With two separate chambers, this problem is eliminated.

      The two layers have better thermal insulation and are also more comfortable than single-layer mattresses. Nevertheless, the Pinguin Wave XL is more suited to the summer season. It lacks a thermal insulation layer.

      This handicap can be solved, for example, by placing the a thin aluminium mattresswhich actively reflects heat.

      Konstrukce dvouvrstvé karimatky

      Inflatable bag

      We supply the mattress with an inflatable bag. This is equipped with two valves so that both chambers of the mattress can be inflated simultaneously. You connect the valves of the bag to the valves of the mattress, scoop air into the bag, close it by rolling it and then press it to push the air into the mattress.

      Theinflatable bag can also be used as a Drybag and is compatible with all Pinguin car mattresses equipped with DLF - flat double layer valve.

      DLF - double valve

      DLF - Dual layer flat valve

      Theflat double-layer valve with a check valve provides easy inflation of the mattress without air escaping when it closes. By pressing the valve, you can easily release the pressure in the mattress when over-inflating.

      Technical parameters

      • Dimensions: 195 x 70 x 9 cm
      • Dimensions after packing: ⌀12 x 29 cm
      • Weight: 1150 g
      • Upper material: Nylon Ripstop
      • Bottom material: Nylon Ripstop
      • Valve: DLF - Dual layer flat valve
      • Repair Kit: Yes
      • Shipping Package: Yes



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