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      Pinguin Skyline XL
      Pinguin Skyline XL

      Pinguin Skyline XL

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      Inflatable air mattress with BHB Micro insulation and integrated pump. Dimensions 195 x 65 x 9 cm.

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      Pinguin Skyline XL

      Inflatable microfibre insulatedcariamt with internal pump. The material is a proven laminated polyester with a diamond-shaped RipStop finish. RipStop increases the durability of the fabric and prevents further fraying in the event of a tear.

      Therefore, to prevent air leakage through the mattress top fabric, an impermeable membrane is laminated to the polyester fabric. The two valves are made of nylon and the one draining is also fitted with a silicone flap for a 100% seal.

      The chambers of the mattress are connected in an H-shape, which does not create cold joints and also prevents the air inside from swirling. In addition, BHB microfiber insulation is glued to the inside of the chambers, which significantly increases thermal comfort.

      Integrated pump

      Thanks to the integrated pump, you won't have to bother with inflating, no more head spinning or dizziness. With just two minutes of stomping you are ready to lie down.

      How does it work? The integrated foot pump is a very simple device in principle. It consists of a chamber made of impermeable foam, a one-way flap and a lid.

      Once you open the lid, the chamber fills with air. Your task is to press the entire chamber down so that your foot plugs the opening and pushes the air out of the chamber through the flap and into the mattress.

      You then lift your foot to allow new air to enter the chamber from the outside and compress again as described above. Repeat this until the mattress is inflated and then close the lid.

      The last step is to make sure that the silicone flap in the drain valve seals. You do this by unscrewing the valve lid and observing the following three options.

      1. You hear nothing - the flapper is already in place - everything is OK
      2. You hear a brief blowing sound that suddenly stops - the flapper has been loosened but has just clicked into place and everything is OK
      3. It may happen that the flap is stuck and the whole car mattress blows off - you need to gently guide the flap into place by tapping or squeezing. Repeat the process.

      Details of the Pinguin Skyline XL

      • Dimensions: 195 x 65 x 9 cm
      • Weight: 1050 grams
      • Dimensions after packing: ⌀13 x 36 cm
      • Approximate thermal resistance: R 1.8



      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      China (PRC)

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