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      Fizan Compact
      Fizan Compact
      Fizan Compact
      Fizan Compact

      Fizan Compact

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      Reliable trekking poles made in Italy. Length 59 to 132 cm. Weight of one stick only 158 grams.

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      Fizan Compact

      Fizan Compacttrekking poles are the lightest trekking poles in the world. One stick weighs only 158 grams.

      The Fizan Compact trekkingpoles are three-piece. The individual segments have diameters of 17/16/14 mm. The minimum length of 58 cm does not take up too much space and the maximum length of 132 cm suits most users. By extending the segments and tightening them slightly clockwise you can easily adjust the desired length. And you're ready to go.

      Thepoles are made of 7001 aluminium, the handle is made of neoprene, they have carbide tips and two sets of plates with diameters of 35 and 50 mm. Also included are a pair of rubber tips for the tips. The length of the loops on the handles can be adjusted and the loops can also be removed completely.

      Fizan uses the high quality Flexy locking system from the world manufacturer Dupont. The Flexy system works reliably even after many uses, yet if it gets damaged, you can easily replace it. Likewise, you can replace worn carbide tips.

      Price includes two clubs.

      • Material.
      • Dimensions: 59 -132 cm
      • Segment diameter: 17/16/14 mm
      • Weight: 158 g per stick

      Accessories supplied with sticks:

      • 35 mm plate
      • plate 50 mm
      • protective rubber tip cover



      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Nordic Walking poles
      Length when folded
      Number of parts

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