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      ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer
      ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer
      ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer

      ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer

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      Wall-mounted shoe dryer for 4 pairs of tall shoes. Economically unbeatable thanks to incredibly low consumption. Slip into heated ski boots, work boots, or boots every morning. Modular system. Made in Italy.

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      ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer

      Fuchs wall-mounted electric shoe dryers use a very gentle way of drying shoes. The drying process is carried out using a combination of heat from the PTC unit and air from the fan. This method is gentle and suitable not only for ski boots, but also for high hiking boots, work boots or high leather boots. The resulting temperature does not exceed 40 °C.

      How does the ZeroWatt Fuchs dryer work?

      1. When plugged into the mains, a fan starts inside the dryer and blows air into all the spikes.
      2. The shoe slides onto the mandrel, which folds slightly under the weight of the shoe. The folding activates the PTC unit, which starts to heat up
      3. The blown air is heated by the body and dries the shoe.

      Intelligent and simple operation

      Each mandrel contains one separate PTC body. Without load, the body does not switch on and so the unloaded mandrels consume virtually no electricity.

      How long does it take for the shoes to dry? Wet ski boots will dry in approximately 2 hours. This system is very practical, efficient and above all economically economical.

      Použití vysoušečů Fuchs

      The use of the Fuchs ZeroWatt dryer range

      Minimum consumption

      Each dryer has a fan at the top of the dryer which has an input of 12 watts/hour. The fan starts as soon as you plug the dryer into the mains.

      Each mandrel has a PTC body with an input of 6 watts/hour. As soon as the mandrel is loaded, the heating of that mandrel is switched on.

      Example of consumption:

      TheFuchs Home 4 dryer has a total of 8 mandrels. If all the spikes are loaded (occupied), the power consumption is therefore 8 x 6 +12 = 60 watts per hour. The consumption is therefore approximately that of a single light bulb.


      Even if you leave a fully loaded dryer on all night, running it won't break your wallet. You'll feel even better when you slip into your beautifully warm ski boots in the morning.

      Benefits that are second to none

      • Fuchs ZeroWatt dryers are extremely economical!
      • The materials used guarantee that the product will not rust.
      • A two-year testing phase in mountain resorts guarantees the absolute functionality of the product.
      • Fuchs dryers have been used for many years in many mountain resorts across continents.

      Dimensions of the ZeroWatt Fuchs Home 4 shoe dryer

      • Height: 165 cm
      • Width: 34 cm
      • Depth: 31 cm

      Modular systemtopics

      Do you need more desiccant capacity? Zerowatt Fuchs dryers are modular so it's easy to connect multiple dryers in a series. The power supply is still handled by a single supply cable.

      The only limitation is the size of your space.

      Vysoušeč obuvi

      Dryers connected in series

      Modular system delivery

      If two or more desiccant dryers are delivered , we deliver them unassembled, as assembly must be done on site.

      Firstly, the steel base plates are mounted on the wall, on which the individual parts of the dryer are screwed. These are connected by means of the plastic clamps which conduct the electricity.

      Theassembly sheet is included in the delivery and the assembly can be carried out by a layman. You can say that it is a jigsaw for adults :). Still, if you want to order the assembly, we will be happy to price it for you.

      Vysoušeč Fuchs - montáž

      Installation of a range of desiccant dryers

      Shipping and delivery

      Standard delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks from payment of the proforma invoice. The time is extended during holidays and public holidays (Czech and Italian). Each order is handled individually.

      Would you like to ask more? Contact us:

      • E-mail: obchod@iqsport.cz
      • Tel: 777 689 222


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