Singing Rock Static R44 11.0 - 100 m
      Singing Rock Static R44 11.0 - 100 m

      Singing Rock Static R44 11.0 - 100 m

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      Static rope Singing Rock Static R44 11.0 for working at heights. Weight 7,7 kg, strength 34,7 kN, elongation 3,2 %. Ultrasonic, ROUTE 44. Length 100 m.

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      Singing Rock Static R44 11.0 - 100 m

      Static rope type A - for general use (including rescue and caving).

      • Designed for rescue of injured persons, handling objects and working at heights and above free depth
      • meets the most demanding requirements of rescuers, firefighters, height specialists and all other professionals who require the highest quality in their daily deployment
      • Route 44 rope braiding technology
      • ultrasonic rope end termination

      What is ROUTE 44?

      This globally patented technology from Singing Rock allows us to produce the strongest commercially available polyamide ropes available today.

      • The ropes are extremely strong for their diameter and weight (in reverse: very thin and light for their strength)
      • the strength of the braid and therefore the durability and longevity are maintained
      • the ideal number of yarns in the braid gives the rope excellent knotting ability, the rope is soft without being "empty"


      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic
      Rope diameter
      Number of falls
      Static transit

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