Singing Rock Bora Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Bora Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Bora Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Bora Screwdriver

      Singing Rock Bora Screwdriver

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      Universal lightweight HMS carabiner Singing Rock Bora / screw lock / keylock / 22 mm clearance / 23 kN / 63 g

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      Singing Rock Bora / Screwdriver

      Universal HMS carabiner for climbing and working at heights with screw lock

      • Most commonly used for belaying, rappelling and anchoring
      • Lightweight hot-forged I-beam construction makes the carabiner stronger, more durable and lighter
      • large internal smooth surface reduces wear on the carabiner and improves rope slip
      • pear shape facilitates securing with a half boat knot or belay bucket
      • bevelled keylock on the nose of the carabiner prevents unwanted catching of the beak on the rope, loop or rivet plate
      • large clearance and interior space easily handle a more massive anchor point
      • Screw lock with angled notches ensures effective locking of the carabiner
      • for better orientation in climbing material, the belay is available in three colour variations
      • also available with twist lock and triple lock
      • each carabiner is individually tested in the factory for a load of 10 kN
      • each carabiner has a unique product number for easy registration and control
      • certified for sports and industrial use

      If you are interested in a specific colour of lock, please write your chosen lock colour in the order notes.

      Technical parameters

      Weight: 63 g
      Colour: Orange matt
      Brand: Singing Rock
      Material: Dural
      Force across: 8 kN
      Longitudinal strength: 23 kN
      Strength with open lock: 8 kN
      Clearance (d): 22 mm


      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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