Singing Rock Roof Master
      Singing Rock Roof Master
      Singing Rock Roof Master
      Singing Rock Roof Master
      Singing Rock Roof Master
      Singing Rock Roof Master

      Singing Rock Roof Master

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      Lightweight, flexible full-body harness for working on sloping surfaces and roofs / 2 sizes / EN 358 - EN 813 - EN 361

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      Singing Rock Roof Master

      A lightweight fully adjustable full body work harness that is best suited for working on sloping surfaces and roofs. Singing Rock' s unique MOTION SYSTEM guarantees the user's freedom and freedom of movement without being constrained by a working rope or trapping system. Ideal for working at heights where precise positioning and freedom of movement is important.

      • TheMOTION SYSTEM consists of a black EN 813 duralumin ring on the front of the harness, which flexibly connects the 3D lumbar positioning belt, legs and chest strap to the padded shoulders
      • on the back of the harness, the MOTION SYSTEM is formed by a black duralumin ring which acts as a flexible connection between the back strap and the back of the waist belt
      • the rear duralumin ring is equipped with a grey textile mesh for heavier work tools with a load capacity of 100 kg
      • when a fall is caught in the EN 361 rear red textile point, the MOTION SYSTEM effectively distributes the force to the different parts of the body
      • the front EN 361 fall arrest point in the form of a clear red duralumin D mesh is positioned lower than usual and takes full advantage of the MOTION SYSTEM's front
      • MOTION SYSTEM allows this point to be used for working positioning without restricting the user's movement - the user can work without any problems, while being safely connected to the catching attachment point in case of a fall
      • the red D eye can also be used as EN 813, as it acts as an extension of the entire movable bridge
      • easy adjustment at the waist and comfortable donning of the harness is guaranteed by two working buckles (STANDARD on the right side and SPEED on the left side)
      • the side textile eyelets for EN 358 working positioning are highlighted with red stitching and are designed for a maximum of two couplings
      • the 3D lumbar belt is equipped with a rubberised strength fabric with a number of connection holes into which an auxiliary cord can be threaded to create any loops or to attach auxiliary carabiners for the working pocket (each hole has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg)
      • the belt is also equipped with two standard textile loops with a strength of 5 kg
      • the ring legs are lightweight and yet very comfortable, their size can be easily adjusted with steel buckles, they are connected to the positioning belt at the back with an elastic strap
      • neoprene pocket on the right leg for small items
      • reflective print on the waist belt increases the visibility of the harness
      • identification label in the back of the shoulder straps

      Technical parameters

      Colour black/red
      Weight 1570 g (size M/L) +-15 g
      Size M/L and XL

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      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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