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      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular
      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular

      Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular

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      Ultralight mummy-shaped car mattress with dimensions 183 x 51 x 8 cm. Weight 550 g. Thermal resistance R 4,8. Equipped with the breakthrough TILT heat reflecting technology.

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      Mattress Rab Ionosphere 5 Regular

      The compact inflatable mattress is equipped with the breakthrough TILT heat reflecting technology. The Stratus™ R inner insulation traps air and is designed to provide unmatched comfort for climbers and mountaineers in the world's harshest conditions. 

      Main parameters of the Regular version

      • dimensions: 183 x 51 cm
      • thickness: 8 cm
      • weight: 550 grams
      • thermal resistance value R: 4,8

      Are the dimensions too small for you? You can get a larger version of the Long Wide - link below the article.

      R value: 4,8

      The thermal resistance of your sleeping mattress indicates how well it resists heat loss. A higher R-value means it will insulate you more effectively from the ground and will be more suitable for cold environments.

      Tepelný odpor

      The Ionosphere 5 is designed for mountain expeditions where every gram counts. The Rab Ionosphere 5 is ultralight and packs down to a minimum size. At the same time, it is equipped with the necessary technologies to keep you warm in challenging conditions. Reflective TILT film inside the insulation reduces radiant heat loss, while Stratus™ R insulation traps air to reduce heat loss so you can get enough sleep even when the temperature drops significantly.

      The tapered mummy shape is weight-saving, so it takes up minimal space in your pack. Oversized outer chambers ensure you stay centered on the sleeping pad while you sleep, and the soft-finish fabric features a graduated cling print that reduces sleeping bag slippage during the night.

      Inflating and deflating is quick and easy thanks to the low-profile two-way valve and inflatable bag.

      Mattress Ionosphere 5 is made using 100% recycled insulation, recycled fabric and a DWR carbon-free coating and offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.

      Rab Ionosphere 5

      Details of the mattress

      • Main fabric: 20D recycled polyester outer fabric with TPU inner layer and fluorocarbon-free DWR.
      • Stratus™ R 100% recycled polyester 200 g/m2 with TILT insulation.
      • Stratus™ R insulation traps air and reduces heat loss due to convection.
      • The reflective TILT film inside the insulation helps reduce heat loss through radiation.
      • Lightweight construction utilizes air and insulation for excellent warmth-to-weight ratio and minimal pack size.
      • Enlarged edge chambers help keep your position on the car mattress centered.
      • Graduated grippy finish with printed top fabric reduces sleeping bag slippage.
      • Rectangular shape allows for a variety of comfortable sleeping positions.
      • Low-profile two-way valve for easy inflation and deflation.
      • Includes a bag for quick and hygienic inflation.
      • Repair kit included.

      Introduction of Rab mattresses

      Stratus™ R

      Flexible synthetic insulation developed from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Designed to trap as much air as possible, Stratus™ R insulation has excellent warmth for its weight, retains heat even when wet and dries quickly.

      Stratus R



      Data sheet

      183 cm
      Thermal resistance
      4,8 R

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