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      Pinguin Adaptor 220 g
      Pinguin Adaptor 220 g

      Pinguin Adaptor 220 g

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      Reducer to connect a stand-alone cooker to a bottled gas cartridge.

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      Pinguin Adaptor 220 g

      This adapter allows you to connect a freestanding cooker to the compact and cost-effective Pinguin 220 g gas cartridge.

      ThePinguin Adaptor is equipped with a safety valve that prevents gas leakage if the cartridge is not fitted correctly.

      • Weight: 45 g
      • Diameter: 40 mm
      • Height: 37 mm

      Pinguin Adaptor 220 g reducer can be used

      Pinguin Spider + Pinguin Adaptor + Pinguin Cartridge 220 g

      Pinguin Spider + adaptor + kartuše 220 g



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