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      Singing Rock Colt Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Colt Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Colt Screwdriver
      Singing Rock Colt Screwdriver

      Singing Rock Colt Screwdriver

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      Our smallest Singing Rock Colt screw carabiner / screw lock / keylock / 18 mm clearance / 26 kN / 48 g

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      Singing Rock Colt / Screwdriver

      Our smallest, lightest screw-in carabiner. Ideal for belaying and belay for traditional and alpine climbing.

      • Thanks to the lightweight hot-forged I-beam construction, the carabiner is very light and strong to withstand a load of 11 kN with the lock open
      • the bevelled keylock on the nose of the carabiner prevents the beak from accidentally catching on the rope, loop or rivet plate
      • Ergonomic shape and high clearance allow the carabiner to be attached to a more massive anchor point
      • wide rounding at the point of rope passage saves the braid and the carabiner itself from wear
      • Screw lock with angled notches guarantees effective locking of the carabiner
      • for better orientation in the climbing material, the belay is available in three colours
      • each carabiner is individually tested in the factory for a load of 10 kN
      • each carabiner has a unique product number for easier registration and control
      • certified for sports and industrial use

      Technical parameters

      Material: Dural
      Weight: 48 g
      Colour: Silver matt
      Strength across: 8 kN
      Longitudinal strength: 26 kN
      with open lock: 11 kN
      Clearance (d): 18 mm
      Brand: Singing Rock


      Singing Rock

      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      Czech Republic

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