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      Esbit Thermos 1L
      Esbit Thermos 1L
      Esbit Thermos 1L
      Esbit Thermos 1L

      Esbit Thermos 1L

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      High quality stainless steel thermos with a capacity of 1 litre with 2 cups and 2 caps.

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      Esbit Thermos 1 litre

      Your tea will be 60 degrees after 24 hours if you fill the thermos to the top with brewed tea!

      The high quality stainless steel thermos is made to be as easy to handle as possible. To make the most of the thermos' features, we recommend that before use: - if you want to put hot drinks in the thermos, heat it with warm water for about 4 minutes before use, then pour out the water and pour the liquid - do the same for cold drinks (pour in cold water / 4 min.)

      Bestseller from Esbit!

      Features of the thermos

      The outside of the thermos is coated with a special green, matte, non-slip paint to prevent accidental dropping when held in gloves.

      The inner layer of the thermos is coated with a thin layer of silver, which improves the insulating properties, while also acting antibacterially and preventing sludge build-up.

      Each thermos contains 2 cups and 2 closures - one classic screw cap and the other quick-closing at the touch of a button.

      Height 275 mm, diameter 90 mm, weight 537 grams.



      Data sheet

      2 years
      Country of origin
      China (PRC)

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