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      Pinguin Matrix 25 NX
      Pinguin Matrix 25 NX

      Pinguin Matrix 25 NX

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      Pinguin Matrix 25 NX is a self-inflating car mattress with dimensions 193 x 63 x 2.5 cm. Weight 835 g. Insulation - one layer of horizontal cavities.

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      Self-inflating car mattress Pinguin Matrix 25 NX

      This is a larger version of the mattress Peak 25 NX. It is longer and wider, but the thickness of 2.5 remains the same.

      The top layer of the mattress is made of brushed polyester, on which the sleeping bag does not slip. Both sides of the mattress are laminated with a layer of TPU, so the mattress does not absorb any water.

      Insulation of the mattress

      A single layer of wide horizontal chambers combines the maximum possible foam lightness with the high thermal resistance achieved by preventing air circulation in the mattress. When inflated, the wide chambers form into cylinders that significantly increase sleeping comfort.

      SCC - jedna vrstva izolace

      DLF - double valve mattress

      DLF - Dual layer flat valve

      Aflat double-layer valve with a non-return flap provides easy inflation of the mattress without air escaping when it closes. By pressing the valve, you can easily release the pressure in the mattress when over-inflating.

      How to do it?

      1. When the first layer of the valve is opened, the mattress starts to inflate spontaneously. With your mouth you can inflate it to the desired firmness very easily, thanks to the non-return valve that prevents air from escaping.
      2. By pushing the flap you can gently regulate (release) the pressure in the mattress.
      3. When the second layer of the valve is opened, the mattress is easily deflated and the remaining air is pushed out by rolling the mattress.

      Technical parameters

      • Dimensions: 193 x 63 x 2.5 cm
      • Dimensions after packing: ⌀16 x 32 cm
      • Shape: Mummy
      • Weight: 835 g
      • Foam construction: Horizontal cavities
      • Foam: Polyurethane
      • Top material: Brushed polyester - non-shrink, TPU Lamination
      • Bottom material: Polyester, TPU lamination
      • Valve: DLF - Dual layer flat valve
      • Repair Kit: Yes
      • Shipping Case: Yes



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