Singing Rock Mailona small 8 mm
      Singing Rock Mailona small 8 mm

      Singing Rock Mailona small 8 mm

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      Oval carabiner Mailona Singing rock with a diameter of 8 mm. Certified mailona for securing people.

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      Steel oval mailbox Singing Rock

      • Screw lock
      • can be used to secure people
      • Colour zinc
      • Weight 77 g
      • Material galvanised steel
      • Diameter 8 mm
      • Longitudinal strength 35 kN
      • Transverse strength 10 kN
      • Clearance (d) 11 mm


      • CE
      • EN 362
      • EN 12275
      • UIAA

      Warning! There is no mailona as mailona.

      Certified mailons have a stamped certificate and a minimum load capacity expressed in kN. Supermarkets often sell non-certified mailons and chain links that look the same at first glance but are totally unsuitable for securing people.

      See the comparison of the strength of different types of carabiners:


      Singing Rock

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