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      Singing Rock Mailona large Delta
      Singing Rock Mailona large Delta

      Singing Rock Mailona large Delta

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      Steel mailbox Delta with screw lock. Can be used to secure persons. Diameter 10 mm, longitudinal strength 45 kN.

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      Singing Rock Mailona large Delta

      Material: Galvanized steel
      Weight: 153 g
      Colour: Zinc plated
      Diameter: 10 mm
      Strength across: 10 kN
      Longitudinal strength: 45 kN
      Clearance (d): 12 mm


      • CE 0082
      • EN 362
      • EN 12275

      Warning! Not a mailbox as a mailbox.

      Certified mailons have a stamped certificate and a minimum load capacity expressed in kN. Supermarkets often sell uncertified mailons and chain couplings that look the same at first glance but are completely unsuitable for securing people.

      See the comparison of the strength of different types of carabiners:


      Singing Rock

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