Spenco Ironman Total Support ORIGINAL
      Spenco Ironman Total Support ORIGINAL
      Spenco Ironman Total Support ORIGINAL

      Spenco Ironman Total Support ORIGINAL

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      Top anatomical insoles for running and sports shoes. The benefits of high quality insoles with minimal thickness. Suitable for running and sports shoes.

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      Spenco Spenco Ironman Total Support ORIGINAL

      Premium anatomical insoles for trekking and sports shoes. Anatomical shoe insoles from the American company Spenco. For all types of trekking, running, tennis, basketball and training shoes with removable insoles. For users looking for perfect foot support, maximum comfort during walking, trekking and aerobic sports.

      • The patented 3-Pod™ cushioning system absorbs shock when stepping and helps prevent torsion
      • Semi-flexible TPU stabilization footbed for increased arch support and proper heel fit. Increased flexibility for enhanced walking comfort.
      • Cushioning EVA layer conforms to the shape of the foot through normal wear.
      • Upper fabric with minimal friction and antimicrobial effect helps prevent blisters and prevents odor.
      • Metatarsal arch support distributes pressure in the lower instep area of the foot and prevents pain in this part of the foot.
      • Cushioning zone in the front of the insole for additional forefoot cushioning.
      • Heel thickness 8.5 mm
      • Thickness of the forefoot 3.5 mm

      You will feel the practical effect after just one day of wear. The feet do not hurt in hard shoes, they do not burn when standing for a long time, the shoes are much more comfortable. The insole slightly corrects footstep defects (pronation and supination) and helps correct posture.



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      2 years
      Country of origin
      China (PRC)

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