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      Backpack Doldy Fitzroy 50
      Backpack Doldy Fitzroy 50

      Backpack Doldy Fitzroy 50

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      Basic technical backpack for mountains and rocky areas. A simple one bag solution where nothing can go wrong. No unnecessary zippers, just dense material and handles. Made in the Czech Republic, 5 year warranty and quality after-sales service.

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      Doldy Fitzroy 50

      There is power in simplicity! The Fitzroy backpack is a simple bag without unnecessary zippers. It offers a sturdy back system with a load capacity of up to 25 kg. Removable and height adjustable top with two pockets, side compression straps and a new cleat attachment system.

      There are large pockets on the sides of the pack. Double silk collar guaranteeing perfect closure of the backpack. You can easily cover the whole pack with the rain cover, which is hidden in the bottom of the pack.

      Doldy Fitzroy will be especially loved by lovers of trekking and mountain climbing.

      The main advantages of the backpack

      • Removable and height-adjustable top with two pockets
      • Inner full-length pocket
      • AIR back system
      • Practical attachment system for axe and trekking poles
      • Mesh for material
      • 1 chamber construction
      • Top access
      • Side compression straps
      • Side fabric pockets

      Technical data

      • Materials: Cordura / Asymtex
      • Buckles: Duraflex, ITW Nexus
      • Back system: AIR

      Doldy backpack service

      For all Doldy products, the company provides a very fast quality service, both warranty and post-warranty. Of course, it is not a problem to supply any spare parts. Doldy has been developing backpacks for over 30 years and every step of production is carried out in the Czech Republic.

      Before a new backpack is launched on the market, it is tested for several months. Whether the backpack is designed for cyclists, runners, classic hikers, or mountain guides, all parts are tuned to perfection. Doldy has also taken pains to ensure that most of the materials used are sourced from the country. It actively cooperates with material manufacturers to optimize existing products or to develop completely new materials.



      Data sheet

      5 years
      50 l

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