Singing Rock Bandit
      Singing Rock Bandit
      Singing Rock Bandit

      Singing Rock Bandit

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      The Singing Rock Bandit with a hammer or paddle. The ideal ice axe for climbing difficult icefalls and technically demanding routes. Length 50 cm, weight 610 g.

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      Singing Rock Bandit hat

      • variant with hammer or with blade
      • the ice axe is designed especially for climbing difficult icefalls and technically demanding mountain routes, but thanks to the modular system you can adapt it to every climb
      • the curved shape of the handle makes it easier to climb in ice bumps or rock, while guaranteeing an optimal grip angle
      • the forged head allows the use of Ice or Dry points and the choice between a hammer and a shovel (for difficult mix routes the ice axe can be used without a hammer/shovel)
      • the axe head is shaped in such a way that it can be wedged into a crevasse during mix climbing and at the same time provide support when climbing in soft snow
      • the centre of gravity of the head follows the trajectory of the snap and the balanced axe penetrates easily even in hard ice
      • the hole in the head is large enough for attaching a carabiner or hanging the axe on Porter.
      • The ergonomically shaped handle made of two-component plastic provides a secure grip as well as thermal insulation
      • a hole in the bottom tip for attaching a carabiner or bungee straps.
      • The Boxer finger protector allows for easier climbing without handcuffs and prevents finger bruising; the Rhino hook is used for a higher grip for challenging ice/mix climbing and also for climbing in exposed terrain (both BOXER and RHINO can be completely removed to create a lightweight ice axe for technical mountain climbing)
      • comes standard with ICE tip and Mass stainless steel extra weight for a sharper swing (for easier penetration even in the hardest ice)


      • Tip: Cr-Mo steel
      • Head, lower tip, handle: duralumin
      • handle: two-component plastic
      • weight 610 g

      Video: Singing Rock Bandit blades


      Singing Rock

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