Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red
      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red
      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red
      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red
      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red
      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red

      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red

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      Currently the best Nordic Walking poles we can offer. Made of 100% HS carbon, equipped with detachable Click loop. One stick weighs 146 g*. Unrivalled performance from the Finnish brand Start.

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      Start SPIRIT Click

      Nordic Walking poles Start SPIRIT are an unbeatable choice for all Nordic walking enthusiasts. They are the best Nordic Walking poles we know and they are also used by most of the Nordic Walking instructors in the Czech Republic that we work with.

      One stick with a length of 115 cm with a Click loop and without a boot weighs 146 grams. The Start Spirit model is designed for instructors and enthusiastic athletes who know what they want - no compromises.

      TheStart Spiritpoles with CLICK loop are suitable for Nordic Walking and Nordic Running. It is the top model, which consists of a body made of 100% High Standard carbon. It winds from 17 to 8 mm and it is this taper that makes them one step ahead of the top sticks from other brands. The premium HS carbon absorbs shock perfectly.

      The shafts have 8 mm steel tips and the handles have gloves with a click system. The handle is made of durable plastic and a friendly cork in the grip section. The handle has a tapered profile - it is oval.

      Hole Start Spirit

      The sticks include a pair of rubber boots. Therubber boots are for walking on asphalt without gravel and stones, i.e. cycle paths and streets. For other surfaces, use the sticks without the rubber boots. If you don't want to get dirty, you can put the dirty rubber boots in the mesh pocket on the Lowe Alpine Hydro kidney to dry.

      Start Spirit are one-piece Nordic Walking poles in lengths of 5 cm.

      The detachable Click strap

      The clamping system is mechanical and very simple, easy to use even with gloves and works reliably after many years of use.

      • Pull the loop to release and extend the glove.
      • Reinsert the loop and squeeze the lock - this secures the loop and you're on your way...

      Madlo Start Click - odepnutí poutkaMadlo Start Click - odepnutí poutkaMadlo Start Click - připnutí poutka

      Loop size

      TheClick loop follows the palm of the hand perfectly, is soft, breathable and above all strong.

      According to the width of the palm (without thumb):

      • 7-8 cm: glove S
      • 9-10 cm: M glove
      • 11-12 cm: L glove

      How to choose the right length of sticks for Nordic Walking?

      You can choosethe length of the poles from 105 to 135 cm, in 5 cm increments.

      There is a table... a general calculation to determine the appropriate length of the poles. We know from our own experience that it often unfortunately does not work. Often the correct length is only found by testing in the field with the client and walking for a longer period of time. We will be happy to help you choose the right length, the right type of sticks and gloves, do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone or at our Nordic Walking courses, which we organize as Nordic Walking Podhostýnsko.

      Service of Nordic Walking poles

      We can replace all parts of the poles such as tips, handles or gloves with new ones.

      We will inform you about the prices of individual tasks on request.

      We only service sticks of the brands we sell.


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      Nordic Walking hole Start SPIRIT Click red

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