KV+ Ibex Trail QCD
      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD
      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD
      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD
      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD
      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD

      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD

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      Four-piece folding poles for Nordic Walking and Trial Running made of 80% carbon. One stick weighs 185 g* and can be folded to a length of just 46 cm. The poles have fixed lengths of 5 cm. QCD tip change system.

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      Foldable Nordic Walking poles KV+ Ibex Trek QCD

      The best collapsible poles for Nordic Walking and Trail Running. They are 4 pieces, made of 80% carbon and fold to a length of 46 cm. And that's enough to fit in your backpack or on its side pocket. And if you break the tip? That won't happen :) ...but if it does, you can easily replace it yourself thanks to the QCD system.

      The weight of one stick in 115 cm length with the loop and without the rubber boot is 185 grams.

      These are poles that you can easily fold and pack in your backpack when you get to passages in the mountains where you need both hands free.

      Ibex QCD folding poles from Swiss company KV+ in points

      • The stick segments are made of 80% carbon
      • Fast Click loop (new for 2022)
      • Folded length is 46 cm
      • QCD system - easy and quick tip change by yourself.

      The system of folding the poles is similar to the tensioning of tent poles.

      Instructions. When unfolded, one segment is inserted in the handle. You grasp the stick by the handle, clamp the segments, pull the inserted segment out until the steel lock clicks into place. Once folded, the length of the stick cannot be adjusted, we offer the sticks in lengths of 5 cm.

      Handle Fast Quick

      The model has a Fast Click handle.

      The Exclusivegloves have a nice leather padding between thumb and index finger and just the right length of Velcro fastening. They fit women and men perfectly. Choose from sizes S and M/L and XL.

      The cork handle feels nice in the hand and the glove clamping system is very hilarious. Compared to the poles without rope, the Ibex Trail QCD has a bit more flex, but it is a very nice model within the type of short folding poles. It is an upper mid-range for avid walkers and runners.

      QCD - instant tip change

      TheQCD hardened steel tip is designed for versatile use in the field. Compared to Trek poles, it is more robust and can handle rocky, challenging trails. The QCD system allows instant replacement with a new or different QCD tip.

      Not sure how to choose poles for Nordic Walking or Trail Running?

      We will be happy to help you choose the right type of poles and loop, please contact us either by phone or on our Nordic Walking coursesthat we organize.

      Nordic Walking Pole Service

      We can replace all parts of the poles such as tips, handles or gloves with new ones.


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      KV+ Ibex Trail QCD